Snow day

You get a snow day and look what happens:

You can kind of see the checks developing on the blanket. I’m almost finished with the border. Right now I’m having a lot of trouble keeping track of 171 stitches, and where I am in the middle of a row. I need to keep better track.

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I’ve been really busy lately. Earlier this week, I finished the bunny. Well, more like, I had my mom embroider a face on it. I think it ended up really cute. Now I get to tackle some punch, and then off to the shower I go.

I frogged the original baby blanket for something a bit simpler. I was having trouble working the yarn-over purl part of the pattern. Of course, now with 171 stitches to work with, I’m having trouble keeping track of how many stitches I have on the needle. But that’s another story. I’m working on the border now.

It looks kind of messy now, but I have great faith it’ll work itself out in time.

My carry-along project is a scarf I’m working on, which is a semi-tribute to the kick-ass Sherlock series that ran late last year. It turns out I picked really weird yarn and it’s really stiff. I don’t even know yet if I’ll want to wear it once I finish it, but oh well. It looks kind of cool, all the same.

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My first FO of 2011.

You might be wondering why the ears are lopsided.

It would be a good question.

Turns out, I can’t count.

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A & P hit, and then I didn’t knit for a very, very long time.

But on the positive side, I am free to knit now and am working on a blanket buddy for someone I know who is having a baby shower soon.

I ended up having to frog back the head and rework it, since I realized I’d been slipping the stitches wrong and needed it to have more stockinette-stitch flair. I was hoping to be a lot further than I am, but that’s what tomorrow is for.

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Receiving blanket?

I had to finish this before I threw it in a fire.

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Staving off boredom

I’m going out of town this weekend, so I felt like I needed a project that’s easily transportable. The massive baby blanket doesn’t really fall under this category since there are two skeins of yarn that’s easy to tangle. I decided to go for Red Herring. A, because it’s really pretty. And B, because lately I’ve become addicted to the PBS Sherlock and someone on the Ravelry forums mentioned the pattern sort of worked to imitate the woven look in his scarf. (I couldn’t figure out if it’s a rich blue or a deep purple that he’s wearing, but I ended up picking dark blue.) I finished up the first bit of moss stitch and am ready to start the pattern now.

One of my other friends is having a baby, too. I swear Baby Coordinates takes up permanent residence in my stash nowadays. I want to work on more patterns with increases and decreases, and the pattern is really pretty, so I’m making a Feathered Baby Blanket. Plus, I love the color of the yarn.

It’s actually not knit in the round, but you would never know it from the curling the needle is doing.

And, finally, the Baby Blanket of Doom is getting bigger but you’d never know it.

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I’ve just finished knitting a few rows in the nightmare blanket and I’m curled up on the couch with a glass of wine hoping for some Trick-or-treaters. So far, no takers. It could be because we live on top of a giant hill and I can’t get the porch light off of motion detection so we look really, really shady. I do have a bucket of M & Ms set to go. For myself, if no one else.

Happy Halloween!

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I’m sitting here, watching a baseball marathon. I haven’t had much sleep as of late, so my body just kind of crashed today when I got home from church. Which means, I’m curled up in a ball on the couch. Also, I ran for about 30 minutes and the route included some crazy hills, so I’m a bit sore.

Anyway… yesterday I did some serious work on the blanket.

I’ve got this dilemma where the deadline for the blanket is looming, so I feel like I need to rush it. The baby is due sometime in November, and I can’t see myself finishing it in time. On the other hand, I get bored of it really, really easily, so I want to work on other things instead. But my knitting time is so precious as of late, I feel like I have to work on it exclusively.

Eh. Winter will last a while. It just won’t be very impressive if I hand it over next March.

Also? Braves fans are weird. I say this with a lot of love, since I know several Braves fans, but… they are weird.

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I think the Reds are trying to kill me. I’m watching the playoffs, and well, it wasn’t pretty. Oh, well. It would be great if they could be the come-back kids. I’ll just remember when Jay Bruce clinched the division with a walk-off home run.

Anyway, I’m still working on the blanket.

I really need to find another project, or else my blog is going to get really, really boring. Doesn’t it look the exact same length it the last time I posted? 😛

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I finished the Star Trek washcloth.

I tried to start a Minion, but I kept screwing up on the dpns. What, dpns are used for something other than cabling? *Innocent look* I’m going to have my mom help me out. I get the casting on and the dividing of the stitches, but when it comes to connecting it for the round, it’s a bit like juggling pointy objects in space. At least for me.

So instead, I decided to do some First Aid on a baby blanket I’ve been working on.

Have you ever had a problem where something is so deceptively simple you keep screwing it up? It’s back and forth garter stitch for miles and miles with the occasional needle size change so it ruffles. But I can barely get through a row without dropping a stitch or doing something else equally moronic. It’s incredibly mysterious.

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